Human Traffick Proof the ATL

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  1. By FELITA BONNER on January 14, 2020
    This was a fast and easy course. Glad that I took this course it only takes a few minutes but it could change someone's life or stop someone from becoming a victim. This is everyone's responsibility.
  2. By Meredith Aguilar on May 12, 2020
    Very informative as to what goes on in different types of human trafficking and how to identify victims.
  3. By Lana Hooks on January 14, 2020
    This information needs to be taught and released in our religious, academic, and health institutions more regularly. This is an ancient epidemic that will only spread more if we are not vigilant to inform and report it.
  4. By Katina Asbell on November 16, 2018
    Informative and succinct format. This training is perfect for the "Anti Trafficking 101" type training that needs to happen across a community in order to elevate the general population's awareness of the issue. I look forward to sharing this with friends, family, corporate partners, faith based organizations and more!
  5. By Enid Draluck on November 16, 2018
    In 20 minutes of your time you can learn useful information about multiple forms of human trafficking, recognize the signs and know how to report it to authorities to ultimately rescue a victim. Learn how to talk about trafficking with others and sound like you know what you're talking about.
  6. By Lela Jordan on April 24, 2020
    The Material was excellent and informative, however there seems to be problems with the program, (language appeared Warning:continue targeting switch equivalent to break) . Also when finished with each section it did not flow to the next section. Often the same section would appear again, and to move forward you had to click out to user profile and start over again.

  7. By susan cosby on January 14, 2020
    This program brings to light that Atlanta has a serious problem with human trafficking and how each of us can be the change.
  8. By Rudolph curtis Knight on April 24, 2020
    I enjoyed the training about the subject and sex and labor trafficking. This put my company at advantage for my team is looking for and to take down this criminals. My company is geared to work with law enforcement,homeland security and federal government in assisting and making sure this doesn’t go on here in the states
  9. By MARGARET HOOKER on January 14, 2020
    This brief, yet informative course contains useful information and practical ways to not only identify Human Trafficking but steps one should take to help end it.

  10. By Adekunle Emmanuel Makanjuola on May 11, 2020
    The package is superb to get the parents on their toes and have adequacy of information in protection of our kids from both the predators and the traffickers.